Damage Assessment

When you check for hail damage, you should begin from the inside. If you see drips or water stains on the inside of the roofs, or on the walls, you’ve a higher priority task at hand. If ignored, this could cause permanent damage to your roof, and lead to the roof having to be torn down for a replacement roof. The second step is to look on the outside, and search for dents on your shingles. Most of the times, even dents are covered under insurance coverage, so making a visible roof inspection is doubly significant.

A hail damaged Chicago roof is usually inspected by an agent of the insurance company who’s called an adjuster. You’re well advised to get an opinion from an independent professional also. Most roofing companies will provide an estimate of the damage free of charge, so you shouldn’t hesitate in calling your roofing company whenever your roof has been damaged by hail. The greatest case scenario is that the estimates made by the adjuster and the roofer match, in which case the insurance coverage claim will be expedited.

When constructing or repairing the roof, you should use a material that may take the damage from hail. If your roof is installed with roof shingles, they must be reinforced with fiberglass or organic material. Rubber is quite a great material to cover your roof with; it is mechanically screwed to the roof. Roof repairs, roof leak repair or total roof tear off and replacement – We will take care of any Chicago roof issue you might experience, and we can aid you with your insurance claims too!.

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