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Empire Renovation will represent you, working step by step with your insurance company through the whole process of your roof restoration, without any headaches or unnecessary time and money spent on your behalf.

Full Mission StatementWhy are we doing this?

To provide easy to understand, highly effective information for owners of hail-damaged homes, and to repair their homes in the most convenient, worry-free, and economically beneficial manner. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies to replace hail damaged roofs, siding and gutters.
Empire Renovation is a locally owned and operated, licensed bonded and insured full service roofing company. We use our experience replacing and repairing Chicago area roofs to produce great results for a great price.

Furthermore, we offer our clients affordable gutters and siding renovation. When you hire us for your roof repair, you can rest assured that your job will get done with a warrenty. At our company, we are passionate about roofing and serving our customers with top quality products and workmanship. Our staff members are professional, courteous, kind, and highly organized. We understand quality, and we’re serious about our reputation in the community. We take great pride in each of our customer’s roofs — helping you keep your home rainproof and protect your investment is what we do.


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We inspect the property for all damage caused by the hurricane wind or hail storms, and put it in writing.
All damage to the property is digitally photograph so as to document everything for you to file a successful claim.
Our specialist will diagram the property, and then proceed to measure everything to the inch to insure the proper amount of material will be calculated and used to bring your property to a pre-storm condition and better.
After “digital” documentation and measurements have been done, we will prepare a multiple page of itemized estimates of repairs which will be presented to the insurance company. This estimate will list in detail all of the material and labor needed to repair your property and will list of all descriptions and unit cost.
We use the same computer software (Xactimate) that most major insurance companies use. This keeps us on the same page as your insurance company and it makes it easier for them to say yes to a full and fair settlement for you.
Here your complete file is presented to the Insurance company in a safe and simple to use format. We invite the insurance adjustor to visit the site at their convenience to review your file. This is a convenient system allowing them to quickly reach a settlement with you. In essence, we do a lot of work for them..
Armed with all of our documentation and our estimates, we stand willing and ready to meet the insurance adjustor on the property to review all the damage.
Some property owners initially want to try to handle the claim themselves, but soon realized they do not have the time or experience to do this properly. Ask yourself, would you go to court without a lawyer?
Throughout the entire claims process, we stay in constant communication with your insurance company.
We submit all of the documents to the Insurance Company for you, and handle all of the communication from requesting a claim number to submitting the final certified invoice. All of this service, is provided to you for FREE
After closing out the claim, we will perform the repairs and only those repairs to the property that you have agreed for us to do according to the approved insurance estimate.
During the course of the work, we may discuss some hidden site conditions, such as rotten decking. When we find or run across these situations, we will submit an itemized supplement with documentation to the insurance company for you, so you will be paid for these extra costs.
At the completion of the job, we will submit a certified invoice to the insurance company in order for you to receive your full settlement.We do not ask for any money up front, and will only accept money when you are paid by the Insurance Company.